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819 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sacha Tholl 819 days ago
  • An Open-Sourced Arduino based CubeSat motherboard,
  • What does this mean?
  • Command and Data Handling
  • Based on the Atmel ATSAM3X8E
  • Fully supportable by the Arduino Community on the Arduino Due
  • UHF and VHF radio communications
  • Beacon and a main communications radio
  • AX.25 packets ready for the amateur radio community
  • Power management
  • Power monitoring -

458 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Udayraj Deshmukh 458 days ago
Udayraj D You add your collaborators on the right->
they will see the same text,
584 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Carlo Zuffa 584 days ago
  • Control the ROV from more than 50 miles away.
  • Michael Saunby @msaunby http://mike.saunby.net - Exeter, UK lead.   https://twitter.com/spaceappsexeter  Have a partially built OpenROV at Exeter.  Hopefully we'll  have some volunteers for this project.  - Stuff I'm thinking about -  sensors other than the camera.  Depth and orientation would be useful.  Have started dabbling with Nodejs and socket.io
598 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tim Schuhmann 598 days ago
Instead of agriculture for their daily needs, it will help astronauts to focus on their important tasks. It will make earth independent deep space mission possible.
The problem is food supply & resource management for long term space mission. 
We want to tackle this future problem.
The astronauts should not focus on agriculture for their daily needs, instead they should focus on their important tasks for the mission. 
The solution
So our solution is autonomous farming. For solving this, we start to teach the autonomous farm by user generated inputs.
Our vision is that our green house is not only used off-earth, but also on earth. It can help prevent food shortage in urban or desert areas.
602 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Joseph Johnson , Ariel Vernaza 602 days ago
Joseph J Listo vernaza como te ayudo 
Ariel V Estoy haciendo 
Mira la url y dale click
en cualquier lado d ela pantalla.
Joseph J Cool el API de los manes, nada q hacer nosotros
Ariel V si le das click debe salir el clima
Joseph J nah solo sale un alert
Ariel V No te sale esto
Joseph J ahora si dice clouds
Ariel V VOy a ponerle presion y humedad, y viento y ya
para hacer el material del video.
Joseph J Tonces el API que hicimos solo es para el drone ? 
Ariel V Por ahora si, pero es que realidad el funciona con los dos. Aora leo las coordenas del browser. Puedes averiguar como ahcer eso.
Joseph J Listo Pues comienza el video 
yo veo si pongo bonita tu pagina.
ta commit a git
Ariel V voy a ver
Me confundi
conseguiste leer el gps del browser
Joseph J SIP tengo la posicion del browser commit
Browser Geo:
var x = document.getElementById("demo");
function getLocation() {
    if (navigator.geolocation) {
    } else {
        x.innerHTML = "Geolocation is not supported by this browser.";
function showPosition(position) {
    x.innerHTML = "Latitude: " + position.coords.latitude + 
    "<br>Longitude: " + position.coords.longitude; 
Ariel V Me dice que ta deprecate para dominios inseguros
getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() are deprecated on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See https://goo.gl/rStTGz for more details.
Necesito https, tienes algun cloudfare, bueno por ahora sirve y da la info, porque da error, pero si lo cambiamos a https te da la localizacion
Joseph J Cool hasta que hora tenemos para esto
Le hice unos cambios de estilo pero necesitos que hagas commit first, acabo de subir mi codigo. del html.
Ariel V que tiene lo del weather.
hay que hacer el cambio para que llame a tu server.
Joseph J Para que queremos que llame a mi serve
Ariel V No se pienso que para que se vea realista que envia los request al DIR HARD; 
Joseph J Pero no vamos tener servidor real. 
Ariel V Si no lo hagamos ahora, ya si ganamos es otra cosa.
Joseph J Ready, le cambie algo de estetica y ya. 
Ariel V Voy a grabar el video del drone., voy a poner el cambio. en el servidor.
diehard.html:68 Uncaught TypeError: $.toast is not a function
ya lo puse
pero se tarda buco en salir
por cierto, lo del localition si funciona en firefox
grabe un video largo, con el simulador. 
Teno el video del simulador y otro con el drone real. , Sabes lo que nos falta en el mapa, 
lo que no voy aa hacer es ponerle voz. 
Ariel V Ya toy haciendo el video, toy editandolo7
Ya hice el video lo toy subiendo a youtube.
Te paso el link en cuanto este arriba par que lo pongas en el proyecto.
Krajník, T., Vonásek, V., Fišer, D., & Faigl, J. (2011). AR-drone as a platform for robotic research and education. In Research and Education in Robotics-EUROBOT 2011 (pp. 172-186). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Grinberg, M. (2014). Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python. " O'Reilly Media, Inc.".
Van Der Walt, S., Colbert, S. C., & Varoquaux, G. (2011). The NumPy array: a structure for efficient numerical computation. Computing in Science & Engineering, 13(2), 22-30.
Quigley, M., Conley, K., Gerkey, B., Faust, J., Foote, T., Leibs, J., ... & Ng, A. Y. (2009, May). ROS: an open-source Robot Operating System. In ICRA workshop on open source software (Vol. 3, No. 3.2, p. 5).
Haklay, M., & Weber, P. (2008). Openstreetmap: User-generated street maps.Pervasive Computing, IEEE, 7(4), 12-18.
Elands, P. J. M., de Kraker, J. K., Laarakkers, J., Olk, J. G. E., & Schonagen, J. J. (2016). Technical Aspects Concerning the Safe and Secure Use of Drones(No. TNO 2015 R11721). TNO.
Es lo mejor que pude hacer con un mal programa, si tuviera imovie o final cut, pero bueno es algo.
VOy a quitarle el watermark.
603 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Ariel Vernaza 603 days ago
Ariel V CHichos aun estan por aqui.
Ya creo que termino, y queria consultarles algo Saben del incidente con arma de fuego que tuvieron unos estudiantes de informatica?
604 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andreas Hornig 604 days ago
Andreas H cress.space_game
for the first seasons
  • login / timeunit
  • per day min 1, max 4-6, 1 point per login maximum
  • actions
  • command plus, minus, wait, 3 pts
  • there is no cutoff/Deckelung
  • comparison to the swarm
  • voted as 75% of the swarm = 2 pts
  • voted as 25% of the swarm = 1 pts
  • streaks (badges in brackets)
  • 7 days in a row, 1 login minimum  = 20 pts, each time
  • 31 days in a row, 1 login minimum  = 60 pts, each time
  • 1 once per months per year (12 times in a row) = 20 pts, each time
  • 10 times in a row voted like 75% of the swarm = 20 pts, badge swarmling
  • 10 times in a row voted like 25% of the swarm = 15 pts, badge individual
  • 10 times in a row voted for more light (lighter) = 10 pts, once
  • 10 times in a row voted for less light (darker) = 10 pts, once
  • 10 times in a row voted wait (waiter) = 10 pts, once
  • 10 times in a row voted for more water (flodder)  = 10 pts, once
  • 10 times in a row voted for less water (dryer)  = 10 pts, once
  • voted on the last day of this cycle , 10 pts, each time
  • voted on the starting day of a cycle, 10 pts, each time
  • 10 times voted in a row during the night logged in (utc time), 20 pts, (night farmer)
  • 10 times voted in a row during the day logged in (utc time), 20 pts (day farmer)
  • 10 times in a row voted the same as the machine learning algo (Die Maschine!)
comparison boxes:
have cress boxes at cool places to compete with them, like analogue mars missions, arctic, etc...
game mode:
coupling of two boxes, one on ISS one on earth, receiving the same commands. looking what is happening. perhaps a one time batch. perhaps a nasa certificate.
User generated rules? Proposing modifications?
Long term motivation:
using cress as a basis for the boxes, that were really flown in space. The players will get a certain amount of the "space cress" when reaching a certain amount of points. Did cress fly in space?
give feedback on how "ready" the current machine learning algo was trained already by the users!
604 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andreas Hornig 604 days ago
for the first
  • login / timeunit
  • per day min 1, max 4-6, 1 point per login maximum
  • actions
  • command plus, minus, wait, 3 pts
  • there is no cutoff/Deckelung
  • comparison to the swarm
  • voted as 75% of the swarm = 2pts
  • voted as 25% of the swarm = 1pts
  • streaks

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