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Space Apps Challenge 2014
558 days ago
763 days ago
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  • An Open-Sourced Arduino based CubeSat motherboard,
  • What does this mean?
  • Command and Data Handling
  • Based on the Atmel ATSAM3X8E
  • Fully supportable by the Arduino Community on the Arduino Due
  • UHF and VHF radio communications
  • Beacon and a main communications radio
  • AX.25 packets ready for the amateur radio community
  • Power management
  • Power monitoring -
946 days ago
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3rd and Final Global Call AGENDA (see notes and questions from past calls at the bottom of this document)
1249 days ago
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All your #SpaceApps questions answered in one place.
1281 days ago
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Space Apps Milestones
Early March: Opening of registration for International Space Apps Challenge Events globally.
1287 days ago
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