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3rd and Final Global Call AGENDA (see notes and questions from past calls at the bottom of this document)
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All your #SpaceApps questions answered in one place.
1277 days ago
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Space Apps Milestones
Early March: Opening of registration for International Space Apps Challenge Events globally.
1284 days ago
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Hi guys, we had to temporarily take the live streaming page on the website offline as we noticed some issues. In the meantime, please share your live streaming links here and inform everyone to do the same. 
1287 days ago
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(please edit/add/question liberally!)
And if you have questions, many of them are being answered in the Organizers' Coordination Call hackpad, feel free to check it out.
1294 days ago
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AGENDA (For calls of March 26st, 9 a.m. EDT and March 28, 2014, 1 p.m. EDT)
-Space Apps overview: Five themes, 40 challenges, 25 projects from last year, almost 100 locations plus virtual
-Roles of challenge owners
  • --Before event
  • --During event
  • --After event
  • --Registering
  • --How solvers can participate, email/hackpads
1299 days ago
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This hackpad is intended to discuss different pre-events and socials locations are having prior to the weekend or activities. Share ideas and schedules for the structured time

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