Climate and My Neighborhood 

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A colleague at the Met Office Hadley Centre suggests we also consider data from CORDEX, see as this would provide global coverage.


Looking for a Team?

Please enter your name, the skills you bring, and how to contact you.

Where did you guys found the data?

We are having a bad time trying to get data.

Looking for a Team Member?

Please enter your name, the skills you’re looking for, and how to contact you.

Question:  We have some issues when we try to get the data from opennexapp wbsite. We are getting for example the following link, but I receive the access denied error.

Do you have any idea why this happening? I cannot find this in documentation.  Answer:  Check the "Data availability" section on the wiki. The permission denied message will be encountered when no data has yet been uploaded/made accessible via this access method for that location.

If you have a small area that you would like to work with for your prototype app give me the bounds, something like:



or in lat lon format. I can load it for that area right now.

Question:  I’m facing some problems with the precipitations because the only point that has values is 1000,1000 and I cannot reach that point dynamically.

Could you please upload some information for precipitation for Salt Lake City, x=1575, y=1101, lat = 40.760059356689453, long=-111.88822174072266.

Answer:  Dear Vlad,

Thanks for sending us your question; here is the response. I’ve cc’ed the challenge creator but this might be a little difficult to collect in time this weekend so I would plan on using any other data you can. I did find Salt Lake City precipitation averages by month at the following site:

By the way, we are posting your question and the response on this challenge’s hackpad so other parties can benefit. Please refer to the hackpad so you can see what other people are doing with this challenge too.

 Good luck and we hope to see useful and collaborative projects developed to address the Climate and My Neighborhood Challenge.