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David Lackovic

547 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jan Lutz , David Lackovic 547 days ago
Hello from the cress.space Team from Stuttgart, Germany.
We want to introduce you to the solution for the SimSpace Challenge.
Mission statement
David L Our Mission statemtent is autonomous farming, through learning on basis on collaborative gaming.
Instead of agrculturing for their daily needs, it will help the astronauts to focus on their important tasks. It will make earth indepent deep space mission possible.
The problem is food supply & resource management for long term space mission. 
We want to tackled this future problem.
The astronauts should not focus on agriculturing for their daily needs, instead they should focus on their important tasks for the mission. 
This will make earth indepent deep space mission possible.
The solution
So our solution is that autonomous farming. For soving this, we start to teach the autonomous farm by user generated inputs.
The technical approach
Let us explain the technical concept behind the idea. We built this protoype green house that contains everything you need for autonomous farming capabilities in space. We achieve this by training a machine learning algorithm and applying the collective swarm intelligence by gamers, who are taking part and controlling our green house. 
Machine learning is applied to make the autonomous farm adaptable on the ever changing needs of the plants. And we believe the best solution for this difficult task is by means of machine learning.
(let's demonstrate it for you.) The user joins the game, takes over the control and gets points for interactions. The better decisions he do, this means the better the plants will grow, the more points he earns.
The amount of points is evalutated by sensor data. For example if the plant needs light, the user can activate the LED and the brightness sensor is providing feedback to the player. But there even more sensors and actuators in our greenhouse to play with, like a water pump...
The catch is that no one is playing alone, you are part of a big team and the overall teamp decision is carried out by our space green house.

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